6 Easy Steps For Dog Grooming at Home

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6 Easy Steps For Dog Grooming at Home
6 Easy Steps For Dog Grooming at Home

Don’t wait until your dog hits the pet salon to enhance their health and beauty. Dog grooming at home can help examine their overall health and track any signs of problems. 

How often should you groom your dog? The answer depends on their size, breed, and type of coat. 

Regardless of the breed, hygiene practices such as teeth brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and brushing are essential to regular dog care. 

If you got a puppy, take the opportunity to introduce them to certain grooming habits at an early age so they can build trust and know you aren’t going to hurt them because nail trimming can be terrifying! 

Not to mention, it is the bonding time that strengthens your relationship with them. Once you start practicing home grooming, stick to a predictable schedule and system. Your dog relies on you to take charge and on your behavior. Therefore, regular grooming lets them get used to being touched in sensitive spots, and rewarding them for their positive behavior will help associate grooming as a good - making the experience for both easier!

Follow a series of steps that allows you both to reach a comfort and confidence level!

The benefits of dog grooming at home

Besides having a dashing good boy/girl? Dog grooming at home and professional grooming visits will ensure your dog’s health. 

And when their coat, nails, teeth, ears, paws, and eyes are clean, they will be more irresistible to love! A true benefit for your best friend - and your household. 

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6 Easy Steps For Dog Grooming at Home
Man taking care of his dog at home, he is brushing his fur

It’s all in the brush. The first step to purchasing the correct tools is identifying your pal’s coat texture and length. You can’t buy whichever is in your local store.

Longhaired breeds need pin brushes - long, rounded-ended stainless steel or chrome-plated pins. 

Short & medium (and some long-coated breeds) need bristle brushes. 

Slicker brushes remove mats. There are also curry combs to polish smooth coats and remove dead hair. Other equipments that can serve you are; clippers, stripping knives, rakes, and hairdryers. 

As you brush, check for burrs and mats that form behind the ears and under the legs. Examine any cuts or scrapes on their skin. 

Did you know that regular brushing can help keep shedding under control?

How to bathe your dog

Regular baths are ok, but too frequent baths can remove natural oils and affect the coat by becoming dry and harsh. 

If you’re unsure what best suits your pet, ask a veterinarian. 

Before filling a tub or basin, place a towel underneath to avoid slips. Bring in your pet’s favorite toys if needed. Place cotton balls in their ears; a few drops of mineral oil in their eyes - now they are ready to get wet! 

Use warm water and apply a mild shampoo formulated for dogs. Lather the neck and back; after much gentle scrubbing, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Pad dry with a towel and seek cover for when they shake. 

If your dog isn’t frightened by the blowdryer, by all means, use it in low mode with little heat. After a bit of drying, brush your dog to finish bathing your dog. 

How to nail trim your dog

If your best friend is walking and you hear that clicking on the floor, it is time for a nail trim. Long nails interfere with your dog’s gait causing walking to be awkward and painful. Maintain their health by frequent trimming. 

Cutting nails isn’t an easy job. If your dog is grown and not used to getting their nails trimmed, it could be a circus show for you. Be patient and try to ensure them you aren’t going to hurt them. Gently trim a nail or two for your dog to trust you. 

Early grooming can help your dog feel more comfortable in this situation. Attentiveness is fundamental to not causing an injury. Remember to buy designed clippers for dogs. These have a safeguard to protect the nail from being cut too short. Clip the hook-like part that turns down. 

How to ear clean your dog 

Once a month, clean your dog’s ear, more if they are prone to ear problems - but seek that veterinarian's help before making drastic life choices. 

Do not dare stick anything in their vulnerable ears! You will only clean the outer part using a damp cloth or cotton swab soaked in mineral oil. 

How to clean your dog’s eyes

Drop irritating components! Your dog’s eyes are sensitive. Therefore, a moist cotton ball can help clean surrounding discharge. 

How to brush your dog’s teeth

6 Easy Steps For Dog Grooming at Home
6 Easy Steps For Dog Grooming at Home

There are special toothbrushes and toothpaste for your best friend. If it’s your first time, work up the courage to use your fingers to rub their gums and teeth before introducing the toothbrush.

Chew toys are available to help their dental health. And aging dogs tend to have tartar buildup that requires special cleanings by a veterinarian. 


Schedule some time to have a spa day with your pet. Assure them you care for their well-being by practicing hygiene habits together. 

It may sound like a lot of work, but the reward is seeing them shine and feel comfortable, thus, providing you with more memorable experiences. 

Besides bonding, dog grooming at home gives you insight into their health, and timing is everything when it comes to issues. 

Let AniViva be part of your family! 

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