4 Ways to Prevent Tapeworms in Cats
Est. Reading: 3 minutes
Brace yourself because things might get illustrative. Tapeworms are a treatable condition and are not contagious to adults - but kids have a higher risk of ingesting an infected minuscule specie.  Continue reading this session on tapeworms in cats to help you identify when your feline friend needs medical attention.    What are tapeworms in cats? […]
3 Typical Causes of Pyoderma in Dogs
Est. Reading: 4 minutes
Don’t get alarmed. Pyoderma in dogs is one of the most common diseases in canines. Their skin features set them at a higher risk of infection. Take a sip of your favorite drink and read more about pyoderma to understand its cause and how to treat your pup!  What is pyoderma in dogs? The term […]
Ringworm in dogs
Est. Reading: 4 minutes
The name may be misleading, but ringworm in dogs isn’t parasites roaming inside. Ringworm in dogs indicates a fungus. It gets its name for its appearance; circular, raised, itchy rash.  Having a pet with ringworm can bring discomfort to them and yourself. Ringworms are common in cats and dogs, but humans can get infected as […]
Grooming for Long Haired Dog Breeds
Est. Reading: 5 minutes
Don’t you just love long haired dog breeds? Beautiful and playful canines will make a swell companion! So, if you are already a proud owner of a long hair dog breed looking to freshen dog hair care skills, or you are new to the game, stick around to learn how to care for your dog’s […]
Hiking with your dog
Est. Reading: 3 minutes
Hiking with your dog is a great way to get fresh air, exercise, and bonding time with your furry best friend. Not only will you both enjoy the physical activity, but it's also a chance to explore new trails together.  Plus, plenty of tips and tricks can help ensure you and your pup have an […]
The Importance of Pet Grooming
Est. Reading: 6 minutes
If pets could speak, would they let you know when they need grooming? Dogs might need more assistance than cats, but both require maintenance for their hygiene checkup. Today’s session shines a light on the importance and recommendations of pet grooming. How well do you know how to pamper your furry friend? Pet Grooming 101  Proper […]
The Best Skin and Coat Conditioner For Dogs
Est. Reading: 4 minutes
Is your furry friend in need of a bath? Are you a new pet owner? Or are you and your best friend tired of the tangled mess its fur can be?  When it comes to dog grooming, a conditioner can help maintain the shine and softness of your friend’s coat - without knots or cries.  […]
Are You Into Grooming Horses
Est. Reading: 4 minutes
Grooming Horses? Are you a new horse owner? Or have you been neglecting your horse grooming duties?  Whatever the reason you are interested in learning how to grooming horses. Stick around as steps are discussed with some safety tips to make this chore successful!  Taking time to horse groom can be a bonding experience for […]
Fly Bites on Horses
Est. Reading: 3 minutes
Fly bites on Horses Annoying, pestering flies are everywhere. They are so nosy and want to be in your personal space. It is stressful and not to mention the health hazards it can represent. So does your horse feel the same way? Of course, but since they can’t talk, it is challenging to let you […]
Dermatitis in cats
Est. Reading: 3 minutes
Don’t think your feline pet isn’t prone to have dermatitis. Several triggers can cause discomfort to their skin. Stick around to learn different causes and treatments for dermatitis in cats!  The first to generate a reaction are allergies induced by fleas & ticks. Military dermatitis is known to surge from this allergic response.  What causes […]
Fungal infections in horses
Est. Reading: 6 minutes
Are your horses suffering from an infection? Let’s take a moment to learn the fungal infections in horses, how to identify and what to do about them. A rundown of the situation There are vast species of fungus in the environment, but a few cause infections. The falling victim can happen through inhalation, ingestion, or […]
Common skin allergies in dogs
Est. Reading: 4 minutes
Are you concerned about your best friend having an allergic reaction? Is too much scratching causing irritation, hair loss, and discomfort to your pet? Read along to find out the common skin allergies in dogs, the causes, and what are the treatments for dog skin allergies. Allergies have no limits, they can attack your friend […]
Mental health and pets
Est. Reading: 5 minutes
Mental Health And Pets The idea of having a pet might seem like it takes extra responsibility, but in fact, can provide great benefits for your mental health. We all know the importance of having love and support from family and friends during times of need, but pets can really help with mental health as […]
Kibble for dogs
Est. Reading: 6 minutes
Kibble for Dogs? For many people, having a pet is an essential part of their life. Pets bring joy, love, company, and, depending on what kind, a decent amount of physical activity. These rings true more specifically with dog owners. Every dog breed needs at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity, such as walking […]
Aniviva skin and coat conditioner
Est. Reading: 3 minutes
AniViva® is a Skin and Coat Conditioner for Dogs, Cats, Horses, and All Other Animals Pets are your family. Your family deserves the best. Choosing your pet’s cosmetic skin and coat conditioner plays an important role in your pet’s everyday life. AniViva is a skin and coat conditioner for dogs, cats, horses, and all other […]
Horse copper
Est. Reading: 4 minutes
  Copper for horses is an essential trace mineral. It plays a role in many body processes, including developing and maintaining bones, joints, connective tissue, and blood vessels. It also helps to keep the immune system functioning correctly. Horses need copper in their diets to stay healthy and vitality. However, too much copper can be […]
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