Taking Your Dog to the Beach: 4 Easy Tips You Should Follow

Taking Your Dog to the Beach: 4 Easy Tips You Should Follow
Taking Your Dog to the Beach: 4 Easy Tips You Should Follow Taking Your Dog to the Beach: 4 Easy Tips You Should Follow Taking Your Dog to the Beach: 4 Easy Tips You Should Follow Taking Your Dog to the Beach: 4 Easy Tips You Should Follow Taking Your Dog to the Beach: 4 Easy Tips You Should FollowTaking Your Dog to the Beach: 4 Easy Tips You Should FollowTaking Your Dog to the Beach: 4 Easy Tips You Should FollowTaking Your Dog to the Beach: 4 Easy Tips You Should Follow

Taking your dog to the beach sounds like a dream come true; it’s fun to watch their happy face at the scenery of the ocean. But not all breeds look forward to a sandy day. 

Before hitting the spot with your best pal, ensure they can swim - e.i. Basset hounds can’t swim. 

If they pass the swimming test, your pet will be in for a treat; the beach may provide a new experience, sounds, and smells, along with some fun games! 

Maximize the outing with this insight into activities, training behavior, and preventions. 

Preparing for Your Trip

Before jumping on your beach adventure with your four-legged friend, there are a few things you need to do to prepare. 

Tips to help you get ready for a fun and safe day at the beach:

Follow these recommendations to enjoy the beach without any unexpected hiccups.

Pack the Essentials

Gather a bowl for water, food, treats, toys, towels, and poop bags. Check the weather and consider bringing a cooling mat or vest to keep your pup comfortable.

Check Leash Laws

Different beaches have different rules when it comes to dog to the beach. Some may require keeping your dog on a leach - yikes! While others may allow off-leash play in designated areas. Research the rules of the specific beach before visiting.

Prep Your Dog

Is it their first time, or are they a little rusty since the last time? It's a good idea to prepare them ahead of time. Practice basic obedience commands like "come" and "stay," getting them used to walking on sand and encountering new smells and sounds.

Consider Sun Protection

Just like humans can get sunburned, dogs can too! If your pup has short hair or light-colored fur, consider applying pet-safe sunscreen before heading out. Find a shaded spot or bring your artifact to have shade, improving the adventure without getting sunburned! 

Enjoying Your Day

Taking Your Dog to the Beach: 4 Easy Tips You Should Follow
Taking Your Dog to the Beach: 4 Easy Tips You Should Follow

Do fun activities with your best friend to make the most of them at the beach! 

Keep an Eye on Your Dog

While it can be tempting to let your dog off-leash and run free on the beach, monitoring their being will help them not to get into dangerous situations or bother other people or dogs nearby.

Provide Plenty of Water

Dogs can get dehydrated quickly, especially in hot weather. Bring enough water for both you and your pup and offer it frequently throughout the day.


The beach is a great place to play games with your dog! Bring toys like frisbees or balls and play fetch in the water or sand. Remember to stay close to the shore if playing in the water. 

Go for a walk

Adventure on shore, let your best pal feel the sand, and waves, take in the scents and watch crabs. 

Build sand castles

Then record how your dog destroys it with a smile on its face. 

Get on a boat! 

Witness the immensity of the ocean riding a boat and take your canine friend to enjoy the view as well. 

Take Breaks

Even if your dog seems restless, take plenty of breaks throughout the day to not get overtired or overheat. Find a shady spot to rest and relax together.

Be Mindful of Others

Remember that not everyone loves dogs as much as you do! Be respectful of other beachgoers by keeping your dog under control and cleaning up after them if they go potty on the sand.

Other beach outing etiquette 

To ensure your visit to the beach goes great, prepare your dog with basic obedience training, either verbal or hand signals. 

If your dog isn’t ready for that type of freedom, stick to keeping them on a leash and enjoy a walk on the beach. 

A top command would be, “leave it” since your dog might be interested in eating things it finds on the beach, trash, dead fish, or somebody else’s food, “leave it” helps to communicate they can’t proceed. 

What’s your dog’s personality? Are they social butterflies or shy and aggressive with others? Pick a day, time, and spot that suits the attitude since beaches can get busy, and it’s about having a good time and not spending too much time monitoring them. 

Stray away from hazards!

  • Limit the amount of salt water your dog drinks since it can make them sick. 
  • Eating sand can block your dog’s intestines, causing an impact. 
  • Rough waves or strong currents can make the water too dangerous for you and your pet. 
  • Be aware of dangerous sea animals (jellyfish and stingrays) near the shore. 
  • Hot sand can be unpleasant for both. Consider booties, walking along the water’s edge, or visiting after peak hours. 

Cleaning Up Afterward

Taking Your Dog to the Beach: 4 Easy Tips You Should Follow
Taking Your Dog to the Beach: 4 Easy Tips You Should Follow

After a fun day at the beach, do your part in keeping the beach clean and safe for everyone. 

Remember some tips for cleaning up after your dog:

Bring Plenty of Poop Bags

Make sure you bring plenty of poop bags to the beach so that you can clean up after your dog if they go potty on the sand.

Use Designated Trash Bins

Most beaches have designated trash bins where you can dispose of your dog's waste and any other trash you may have accumulated throughout the day. Use these bins instead of leaving trash or waste on the beach.

Leave No Trace

Pack up your belongings and any trash or waste before heading out.

Consider Participating in a Beach Cleanup

It is a great way to give back to your community and help keep our beaches clean and beautiful for everyone.

You'll be doing your part in keeping the beaches clean while setting an example for others visiting with their dogs too.


Taking your dog to the beach can be a fun and rewarding experience. 

Always prioritize your dog's safety by keeping them on a leash when necessary, providing plenty of water and shade, and monitoring their behavior around other people and dogs. And clean up after them so that the beaches can remain clean and beautiful for years.

With planning and consideration, ensure that your day at the beach is enjoyable for everyone involved. So pack up those towels and toys, grab the sunscreen, and hit the sand with your canine best friend!

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