The Greatest Skin and Coat Conditioner for Your Pets

AniViva® is a Skin and Coat Conditioner for Dogs, Cats, Horses, and All Other Animals

Pets are your family. Your family deserves the best. Choosing your pet’s cosmetic skin and coat conditioner plays an important role in your pet’s everyday life.

Aniviva skin and coat conditioner for pets

AniViva is a skin and coat conditioner for dogs, cats, horses, and all other animals. It has been expertly developed with the same ingredients found in your cosmetic products for yourself. We have added very special elements: zinc, copper, and magnesium.

A healthy coat helps regulate your pet’s temperature by providing an insulating layer of fur. It also protects your pet against dirt and debris. Factors such as age, lifestyle, diet, hormones, allergies, injury, or illness can affect the health of your pet’s coat. AniViva has been developed with these factors in mind to ensure that your pets receive the best care for their skin and coats.

AniViva Health Gel and Health Serum both prevent infection and heat rash while maintaining healthy skin that promotes a beautiful shiny coat. While our Aniviva health gel works more as a topical skin and hair conditioner, our Aniviva health serum has an easier spray-on application with the same benefits.

What Are The Most Essential And Healthy Ingredients This Conditioner Should Contain?

Aniviva skin and coat conditioner for pets


Zinc is a mineral that is essential for the development of healthy skin and coats. It also helps to improve the overall appearance of your pet’s skin and coat while helping to protect them from environmental toxins.

Zinc is critical in the structure and function of cell membranes and supports a healthy immune response to disease. It helps with protein and carbohydrates. Zinc also helps the skin function and wound healing. Proper Zinc levels are required for normal reproductive function.


Copper is another mineral that is very important in the development of healthy skin and hair. Copper helps to create new, healthy cells in your pet’s hair, which allows you to keep your pet looking great. This mineral also helps to protect your pet from environmental toxins. Copper is also integral for the absorption of minerals such as iron and calcium.


Magnesium is the final mineral that is essential in the development of healthy skin and hair. Magnesium helps to maintain a healthy balance of oil on your pet’s skin, which helps to keep their coat looking healthy and shiny. It also helps to protect your pet from environmental toxins.

AniViva’s Health Gel & Health Serum for pets provides these three significant elements. These products are for topical use only. Some of the most natural ingredients also include mint extract and most importantly, water to moisturize. These products provide topical nutritional aid for your pet’s overall health, coat health, or skin rash issues. AniViva can be used on cats, dogs, horses, ferrets, rabbits - any animal with fur!

Give Your Pet The Best With AniViva® Skin and Coat Conditioner!

Pets are a part of the family, and they deserve to have the best possible care. That includes using a quality skin and coat conditioner like AniViva. Our zinc and copper ingredients help your pet maintain healthy skin to prevent rash and infection while keeping it shiny for a beautiful look. There are several benefits of using AniViva on our pets; all made with natural ingredients that include mint extract and water to moisturize your pet's fur or feathers. Give your pet the best with AniViva skin and coat conditioner!

Aniviva skin and coat conditioner for pets

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